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Kenchii Shears
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Priced from $71.10 - $253.08

Kenchii is known for creating the finest and the most innovative grooming tools in the world.

Priced from $17.75 - $99.75
See Specials on Anvil Classic Scissors & Thinners Sets!!!

Priced from $42.75 - $76.45
Free Lifetime Sharpening On Heritage® Pet Grooming Shears and Thinners!

Priced from $130.50 - $463.50

Utsumi formerly B.W. Boyd Shears offers Superior Quality Japanese Shears and Thinners! JYO and Utsumi

Priced from $24.75 - $44.75

German Quality Engineered Shears and Thinners Plus Other Innovative Pet Grooming Products!

Priced from $16.00 - $170.00
Kokupa, Geisha, Saki and Champs. Perfect Grooming Shears designed by Sam Kohl!

Priced from $4.00 - $19.75
Less expensive but great quality!
Priced from $68.75 - $76.45
Chosen for high quality and affordable price!


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